Monday, April 21, 2014

Jazz A Love Affair 230

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 230" It is a great show with some new releases, particularly the Janice Barla track, but a lot of lesser known recordings or should I say lesser heard recordings, that really deserve a airing. Your link
Part 1.
Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Dream Train, 2014, People Music.
Keith Jarrett - If I Should Lose You, 1983, Setting Standards.
Janice Barla Group - You Don't Know What Love Is, 2014, Promise To Burn.
David Schumacher - Stank Run, 1997, From Another Life.
Joe Gaeta/Cengiz Yaltkaya - Jingles, 2007, Almost Real.
Benet McLean - What You Wanna Hear 1&2/Giant Steps, 2012, Live At The 606.

Part 2,
Jane Ira Bloom - Ice Dancing, 2014, Sixteen Sunsets.
Barbara Levy Daniels - It Could Happen To You, 2013, Love Lost And Found.
Teddy Charles Tentet - Vibrations, 1956, Teddy Charles Tentet.
Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Face To Face, 1989, Face To Face.
Tom Lellis - Nobody Does It Better, 1991, Taken To Heart.

Harry Millers Isipingo - Family Affair, 1977, Which Way Now

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