Friday, April 30, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #14

By all means - Alphonse Mouzon
Hells bells - NY Hardbop Quintet
Off the top - Jimmy Smith
Dlg - Akiko Tsuruga
As - Dianne Schuur with the Carribean Jazz Project
Aphrodesia - Doug Richardson
Jennifer Annes samba - Don Latarski
The Hustler - Stanley Turrentine

Alphonse Mouzon starts us off this week,a track overflowing with jazz talent,the New York Hardbop quintet show what they can do,there's B3 action from a past master and one of the new breed.Dianne Shuur has a nice workout and there's rediscovered gems from Richardson and Latarski.The reliable Stan T wraps things up.Certainly an enjoyable show to record and hopefully to listen to.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jazz Should Be Live and Available.

Jazz Should Be Live And Available
1, What is going on? Why are we so complacent? Two things I love, jazz and live music, both seem to be under attack and no one is taking any notice. Is jazz a lesser sort of music, that it should not be heard on the BBC. We have two hours on a Saturday evening and one hour at midnight, then at 11.30pm on Sunday and again 11.15pm on Monday. This compares with 24 hours a day pop music on radio 1. Again 24 hours of easy listening on radio 2. Almost 24 hours a day for classical music on radio 3. Jazz! fit it in when no one is listening seems to be the attitude. If you have to be up early on a Monday morning for a hard days work, midnight is not a good time for you to relax with your favourite music. A classical music fan can be driving to work in the early morning, turn on the car radio and get his favourite music and what is more he can hear about new recordings or new young talent. It is almost like ethnic cleansing of jazz music from the UK. What makes it worse is when you read the fantastic amounts of money paid out in wages to celebrity presenters like Johnathon Ross and Chris Evans. This money alone would go towards quite a good jazz coverage.
2, Now to live music, which this government treats in just the same way. The government decided, "any music acoustic or amplified played by one or more persons in a public place" caused a threat to public order under the Licensing Act. Under the Act, in order to present live music in a pub or club, a complicated form has to be completed and a fee paid for an appropriate permit. It means that a person playing a penny whistle accompanied by someone on the spoons would be breaking the law if they did this in a pub without the required licence. It was pointed out by an article in the Jazzwise (written by Stuart Nicholson) that there is no control over a giant plasma television, pumping out wall to wall sport, with the volume up so loud that it is hard to hold a conversation. When a Commons Select Committee, in May 2009, declared music was not automatically to be considered a "disruptive activity" it was only stating the obvious for anyone outside the government. They did add the "draconian law" had discouraged performance "especially among musicians, although there is very little evidence to back up the governments position for music's potential for stirring up violence. There are no statistics available on tenor sax led riots or double bass violence. Ben Bradshaw, the recently appointed secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport remained unmoved. He rejected the committee's findings and declared the matter closed. I am speechless, just thank goodness for an Internet station like UK Jazz Radio for helping me to stay sane each and every day.
The Rep

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two hours of jazz live, here is the link

Great news, a fantastic outside live broadcast for UK Jazz Radio. It will be broadcast from the singing room of The Limping Whippet. This is a large pub in the midlands, just near the Yorkshire boarder in the UK. Let me tell you a little about The Limping Whippet. Alan is the owner and runs the pub himself, he has carried on with the jazz since Doris died about three or four years ago. These jazz parties or gatherings have become quite famous, so much so that artists and musicians from all over the world try to get along and do their party piece. Doris started the jazz at this venue, she goes back to the days when the place was frequented by sailors and harlots. At sometime in the past, Doris acquired a wooden leg, which was a bit of a give away if she was trying to creep up on you, which she did believe me. The lifetime ban on Aja (of this station) for something that happened on a weekend away with Doris, was lifted last year and he was welcomed back with copious amounts of alcohol. When Doris died someone hollowed out her wooden leg, it was then filled with water and now people make wishes as they throw coins in it. Since her death she only comes in on thursdays and sundays, which means she will be lurking around on broadcast night. There is a problem with the ceiling, it needs painting but due to an insurance claim, dating back to 1979, as yet it is still flaking. Hence when you go in you will see the beer mats on top of the glasses rather than under them. This brings me to the beer, Scruttocks Old Gold, 7.8 per cent. A wonderful flavour and very drinkable but fiercely strong (down the froacus with the inner blooflay) as Professor Stanley Unwin use to say. The point in telling you this is if I am slurring my words towards the end of the broadcast, you will know the reason why. I must just mention that there are not many pubs in any part of the country, that can boast of a baby grand Yamaha piano and one of the best Hammond B3 I have ever heard, on their stage. I have quite a lot of artists already promising to be there but this is down to who turns up on the night and only one tune each, plus everybody best frocks and clean shirts please. The Rep

Friday, April 23, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #13

Show 13,unlucky for some but not you thanks to an hour of great jazz.Jamal and Benson give us a nice mellow start before the Jazz Invaders and Larry Young pick up the pace.There's a great version of Stolen Moments by Booker Ervin and I feature one of the young stars of Jazz, B.J. Jansen with a nice track Lovely You. You can read a bit more about B.J. here .All up a very enjoyable show,I hope you like it. Download

Ghetto child - Ahmad Jamal
What's on your mind - George Benson
Go ahead - The Jazz Invaders
Love drops - Larry Young
Speak low - Deodato
Stolen moments - Booker Ervin
People make the world go round - Holt Unlimited
Jacobs ladder - Cedar Walton
Lovely you - BJ Jansen
Ay caramba - Bobby Watson

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jazz A Love Affair 25, jazz for the larger ensemble.

Jazz from the larger ensemble. Link
Part 1,
Michel Legrand & Company - Southern Routes, 1978. Le Jazz Grand.
Charles Mingus - Moanin, 1960, Blues And Roots.
Neil Ardleys New Jazz Orchestra - Study, 1970, Camden 70.
Chase - Bochawa, 1974, Pure Music.
Part 2,
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - Bunauara, 2000, Live At Jazz Fest Berlin.
Slide Hampton & The Jazz Masters - Tour De Force, 1993, Dedicated To Diz.
Jazz Jamaica Allstars - Ball Of Fire, 2001, Massive.
Carla Bley Band - Song Sung Long, 1982, Live.
Lalo Schifrin + WDR - Fiesta, 2000, Latin Jazz Suite.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Links for shows

Just to clarify.I upload my shows using sendspace (a free service) and send the link to UKJazzRadio.That link is added to the show info after the show has been played,if you want the show, download it asap as sendspace links don't last forever!

I will be uploading links for the specials with Rapidshare,these will last much longer (or at least while I pay the bill!)I will post links here and with the playlist.As usual feedback appreciated.

The Hammond Show


Thursday, April 15, 2010

MFS is back!


A big welcome back to Jazzy Pier and the MFS Equipe!
Good stuff,highly recommended but don't forget to say thanks!

Andy's Jazz Show #12

Show 12 and it's a ripper.The first track is taken from a capitol sampler that you can still find if you're into crate digging! Recent NZ tourist Brian Auger plays a great version of Moanin'.There's contrasting vocal performances from 3 lovely ladies,that man Fest,a short but sweet burst of the Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra and much more.Listen on UK Jazz Radio Download link Here

Flat meat - First Cosins Jazz Ensemble
Moanin' - Brian Auger
Etta's Blues - Etta Jones
Perfect Stranger - Carmen Lundy
Too marvelous for words - Dianna Krall
Play lady play - Fourplay
Butterfly - Herbie Hancock
Jungle Kitten - Manfredo Fest
Take the A train - Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra
The Midnight Sun - Jack McDuff
Should I take her back,should I let her go /It's just the way I feel - Gene Dunlap & The Ridgeways

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special 2 hour edition Andy's Japanese Jazz

Coming soon on UK Jazz Radio a special 2 hour edition of Andy's Jazz Show featuring some of the best Japanese Jazz.

Bag's Groove - Norio Maeda & The Windbreakers
Senor Blues - Hideo Shiraki
Spanish Flower - Masaru Imada Trio +2
Sara Smile - Jun Fukamachi & the New York All Stars
Stella by starlight - Sadao Watanabe
Mr Blue - Hiroshi Fukamura
Nature Boy - Atsuko Hashimoto Organ Trio

Lupin 3 - Yuji Ohno
Burnin Waves - Toshiyuki Honda
Samba De Negrito - Takashi Mizuhashi
Sunburned hip - Himoko Kikuchi
Groovy samba - Hideo Shiraki
Skipjack - Genji Sawai
Coffee please - Yosuke Onuma
Salamander - Masahiko Satoh
Kennedy Airport - Japanese Jazz All Stars
Sunrise - Mikio Masuda

Comments welcomed!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #11

Giant steps - John Coltrane
Hard work - John Handy
Can't buy me love - Bobby Broom
Groovin' high - Kenny Burrell
Midtown Blues - Essence All Stars
Contemporary Blues - Jon Hendricks
Star Eyes - Tina Brooks
Hot Shot - Hiroshi Fukumara
The Third Eye - Roy Ayers

Plenty of straight ahead jazz this week but it's still a real groovy show.John Coltrane gets us underway with some giant steps and then it's John Handy with a track that still has an underground cult following today.Bobby Broom does a great Beatles cover,Kenny Burrell reaches his usual high standard,there's some Blues in the middle,excellent tracks from Tina Brooks and Hiroshi Fukumara (Watch out for the Jap Jazz special!) and Roy Ayers shows his talent at the end.How can you not like that lot!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

Smooth's Jazz World

The blogger Nazis are on the rampage at the moment so I have removed or modified my links.Baywords has closed so at the moment BeeQueen's great blog has disappeared :-(
Smooth's Jazz World has also closed on Baywords,the link will redirect you to his new site.My Favourite Sound has also closed but lives on as the Radio Edition (Excellent) and as an invite only blog limited to 100 lucky people.
To BeeQueen,Smooth and Pier I say thank you for your work and hope to see you back soon,but for now thanks for the memories.

Best Wishes Andy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #10

JFS - Maysa
Stormy - Reuben Wilson
Burning Spear - Jimmy Smith
Falling in love with love - Art Blakey
Nite Flite - Lee Morgan
Whirlwind - Greyboy
Jacaranda - Jayme Marques
Moon dance - Irene Reid
Blue bossa - Joe Henderson

Here's another batch of groovy tunes to listen to as you work your way through a pile of Easter eggs!sendspace

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a great show, Jazz A Love Affair 23

part 1,

McCoy Tyner - Blues Stride, 1995, Infinity.

Michael Brecker Quindectet - Scylla, 2003, Wide Angles.

Carla Bley Sextet - The Girl Who Cried Champagne, 1987, Sextet.

Christian Scott - Angola, LA & The 13th Amendment, 2010, Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.
Hardlogic - Low Tide, 2008, Group Therapy.

Simon Fisk Trio - Old Country, 2009, Unless.

Ronnie Cuber - Heavy Hang, 1986, The Best Of.

Part 2,

John Coltrane - But Not For Me, 1961, My Favourite Things.

McCoy Tyner/George Adams - Just Feelin, 1979, Horizon.

McCoy Tyner/Michael Brecker - Flying High, 1995, Infinity.

McCoy Tyner/Joe Lavano - Mellow Minor, 2007, McCoy Tyner Quartet.

Chris Potter - Pop Tune, 2007, Follow The Red Line.