Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 162.

This is a really mixed bag as far as tracks & dates are concerned. All the vocals are of group singing and there is a three in a row from Milt Jackson, there is a splendid track from George Braith and seven 2012 releases. So here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 162" and here is your link
Part 1, Eric Person - Gratitude, 2012, Thoughts On God. Aguabella/Benn Clatworthy - La Curandera Negrita, 2012, Baker Gateway To Death Valley. Lambert Hendricks & Ross - Come On Hame, 1959, Everybody's Boppin. George Braith - Mary Ann, 1963, Two Souls In One. Tom Tallitsch - Coming Around, 2012, Heads Or Tails. New York Voices - Jackie, 2007, A Day Like Today. Ed Byrnes Latin Jazz Evolution - Marabunta, 2012, Conquistador. Gary Smulyan - Blues For DP, 2012, Smul's Paradise. Part 2, Ian Shaw - Small Day Tomorrow, 2012, A Ghost In Every Bar. 3 in a row from Milt Jackson, Milt Jackson/John Coltrane - The Late Late Blues, 1961, Bags and Trane. Milt Jackson/Ray Brown - A Beautiful Friendship, 1977, Jam. Milt Jackson - If I Should Loose You, 1983, Ain't But A Few Of Us Left. Manhatan Transfer - Doodlin', 2004, Vibrate. Cadence - 50 Ways To Loose Your Lover, 2005, Trenty For One, Eric Alexander/Vincent Herring - Sukiyaki, 2012, Friendly Fire.

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