Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 161.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 161" The first half is mainly 2012 releases, while the second half is all over the place (date wise) and it includes three in a row from Freddie Hubbard. Here is your link
Part 1, Iain Bellamy - St Ella, 2007, Anorak. Throttle Elevator Music - Sacred Rights, 2012, Throttle Elevator Music. Dave Douglas Quintet - God Be With You, 2012, Be Still. Peter Borthwick - Down For Double, 2012, This Moment. Gareth Lockrane - Whistleblower, 2012, The Strut. Matt Ulery - The Miniaturist, 2012, By A Little Light. One For All - Nemesis, 2010, Invades Vancouver. Part 2. Ian Shaw - Have A Talk With God, 1995, Famous Rainy Day. Three in a row from Freddie Hubbard, Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame, 1960, Open Sesame. Freddie Hubbard - The Intrepid Fox, 1981, Keystone Bop, Sunday Night. Freddie Hubbard/Oscar Peterson - All Blues, 1982, Face To Face. Phil Ranelin - Beyond Memory, 2004, Inspiration.

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  1. All over the place is just great Ray. Another excellent effort (as usual).