Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 127.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 127" and here is your link
Part 1,
Phil Ranelin - Beyond Memory, 2004, Inspiration.
Ray Bryant - Shake A Lady, 1992, Through The Years.
Roy Hargrove Quintet - Soppin The Biscuit, 1994, Tenors Of Our Time.
Denise King - Nuage, 2010, No Tricks.
Django Reinhardt Festival - Melodie Au Crepuscules, 2006, Gypsy Swing.
Brian Dee Quartet - Go To Blazers, 2002, Centurion.
Franco Baggiani - Vamp, 2007, My Way Through The Jungle.
Part 2,
Clare Teal - Just One Of Those Things, 2000, Messin With Fire.
Interview with Clare Teal.
Clare Teal - I Just Want To Make Love To You, 2004, Don't Talk.
Monty Alexander - Django, 2011, Uplift.
Cindy Bradley - Footprints, 2011, Unscripted.
Ben Waters Band - Swanee River Jump, 1998, Is This Wembley.
George Gruntz Concert Jazzband - 2nd Line Sally, 2000, Live At Jazz Fest Berlin.

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  1. Hi Ray,I was mortified years ago when my (then) small children were using Tenors Of Our Time as a Frisbee and the cd booklet as a colouring in book,however the disc survived and the music has stood the test of time.Another great show.