Sunday, April 8, 2012

Andy's Jazz Show #112

Ok,I've corrected the playlists and links and here's the current show,stitched together at 35,000ft somewhere over India.Plenty of good sounds,Richie Cole makes a double contribution,the 3Play is from Hank Crawford and I just love the Jimmy McGriff album Straight Up.Links at the bottom.

Show 112
Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Morrissey Mullen EMI 12" Single
Fifty Four - Sea Level Capricorn 12" Single
Brother Griff - Jimmy McGriff from Straight Up
Sunlight - Kimiko Kasai And Herbie Hancock from Butterfly
Cantaloupe Island - Takashi Mizuhashi from One Tuesday In New York
The Polestar - Himiko Kikuchi from All Night
Sunburn Samba - Isao Suzuki And New Family
The Man With The Horn - Richie Cole from The Man With The Horn
Backyard Puma - Timo Lassy from Jazz From Finland 2011

3Play Hank Crawford from After Dark
Our Day Will Come / 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do / St Louis Blues

River Niger - War from Anthology (1970-1994)
African Rhythms - Oneness Of Juju from African Rhythms
Jeannine - Richie Cole from The Man With The Horn
White Magic - John Taylor from Decipher
Blues For Big - George Kawaguchi from The Big 4



  1. Great play list and really nice photo.
    Cheers Ray.

  2. Just to prove that you don't lose you looks with age,you just need bigger jerseys,lol