Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jazz A Love Affair 107.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 107". All comparatively recent releases. Here is the link http://thejazzrep.podomatic.com/
Part 1,
Neil Bridge 7 - Little Sunflower, 2009, Yes I'm Still Here.
Julian Nicholas Quartet - Porthcrawl, 2001, Food For Love.
Tierney Sutton Band - Something Coming/Cool, 2011, American Road.
Julian Arguelles + RH Big Band - Mish Mash, 2009, Momenta.
Corey Christianson Quartet - Outlaw Tractor, 2010, Outlaw Tractor.
Part 2,
Paul Carmichael - Wake Up Spring Is Here, 2011, Wax Is Melting.
Nikko Innanen & Innkvisitto - Clustrophy, 2010, Clustrophy.
Dave Manington Quartet - Mark 3, 2008, Headrush.
Renegade Brass Band - Junktion, 2011, Radio Rebelde.
Dave Lewis 1 Up - The Further You Fall, 2007, Turn It Around.
Tim Warfield - Sometimes You Got To Let People Know, 2007, One For Shirley.
WJO - Maiden Voyage, 2011, Maiden Voyage Suite. Westchester Jazz Orchestra
Cheers Ray.

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  1. Excellent Ray,lots of names new to me I'll check it out on my break next week.The Tim Warfield album is a cracker though.