Saturday, November 19, 2011

Andy's Jazz Show #91

Here's the latest playlist,2 hours of top sounds courtesy of UK Jazz Radio.
There's old jazz and new jazz from Richard Elliot,David Murray and Cory Weeds.The 3play is from another great guitarist Wes Montgomery.I hope you like it,the links are at the bottom of this post.Comments appreciated.

Dutch Flies - Jazz Invaders from Up And Out
So What - Ronny Jordan from The Ronny Jordan Collection
Inner City Blues / In The Zone - Richard Elliot from In The Zone
Scooter - Dan Haerle Trio from Aspiration
Right Now - Charles Tolliver from Paper Man
Goin' Down - Cory Weeds from The Many Deeds Of Cory Weeds
Blues For Two -John Jenkins & Kenny Burrell from John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell
Speak Low - Terrence Brewer from Groovin' Wes

3Play Wes Montgomery from Full House
Full House / Blue 'N' Boogie / Cariba

Go Right - Andrzej Kurlewicz Quintet from Go Right
Maximum Density - Bill Kirchner from One Starry Night
Sneaker Keys - Ken Elkinson from 7890
Wakin' Up - Don Friedman from Metamorphosis
Black Nat - David Murray Cuban Ensemble from Plays Nat King Cole En Espanol



  1. Great program Andy! And a wonderful idea to get us the dl links!! Very thanks for the share!!!

  2. Thanks Pier,Only Sendspace link so won't last long.

  3. If you like jazz live, the best way to hear it in my opinion, check out for loads of live shows. Jazz at its best!!