Monday, April 26, 2010

Two hours of jazz live, here is the link

Great news, a fantastic outside live broadcast for UK Jazz Radio. It will be broadcast from the singing room of The Limping Whippet. This is a large pub in the midlands, just near the Yorkshire boarder in the UK. Let me tell you a little about The Limping Whippet. Alan is the owner and runs the pub himself, he has carried on with the jazz since Doris died about three or four years ago. These jazz parties or gatherings have become quite famous, so much so that artists and musicians from all over the world try to get along and do their party piece. Doris started the jazz at this venue, she goes back to the days when the place was frequented by sailors and harlots. At sometime in the past, Doris acquired a wooden leg, which was a bit of a give away if she was trying to creep up on you, which she did believe me. The lifetime ban on Aja (of this station) for something that happened on a weekend away with Doris, was lifted last year and he was welcomed back with copious amounts of alcohol. When Doris died someone hollowed out her wooden leg, it was then filled with water and now people make wishes as they throw coins in it. Since her death she only comes in on thursdays and sundays, which means she will be lurking around on broadcast night. There is a problem with the ceiling, it needs painting but due to an insurance claim, dating back to 1979, as yet it is still flaking. Hence when you go in you will see the beer mats on top of the glasses rather than under them. This brings me to the beer, Scruttocks Old Gold, 7.8 per cent. A wonderful flavour and very drinkable but fiercely strong (down the froacus with the inner blooflay) as Professor Stanley Unwin use to say. The point in telling you this is if I am slurring my words towards the end of the broadcast, you will know the reason why. I must just mention that there are not many pubs in any part of the country, that can boast of a baby grand Yamaha piano and one of the best Hammond B3 I have ever heard, on their stage. I have quite a lot of artists already promising to be there but this is down to who turns up on the night and only one tune each, plus everybody best frocks and clean shirts please. The Rep

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