Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #11

Giant steps - John Coltrane
Hard work - John Handy
Can't buy me love - Bobby Broom
Groovin' high - Kenny Burrell
Midtown Blues - Essence All Stars
Contemporary Blues - Jon Hendricks
Star Eyes - Tina Brooks
Hot Shot - Hiroshi Fukumara
The Third Eye - Roy Ayers

Plenty of straight ahead jazz this week but it's still a real groovy show.John Coltrane gets us underway with some giant steps and then it's John Handy with a track that still has an underground cult following today.Bobby Broom does a great Beatles cover,Kenny Burrell reaches his usual high standard,there's some Blues in the middle,excellent tracks from Tina Brooks and Hiroshi Fukumara (Watch out for the Jap Jazz special!) and Roy Ayers shows his talent at the end.How can you not like that lot!



  1. Much thanks for this!!! I really enjoy these a lot!!!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them BHM,thanks for the feedback. :-)