Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Now & Then 23, parts 1 & 2.

Here is the3 play list for "Now & Then 23" This show is mainly Birthdays but there are some new releases and three in a row to mark the passing of Clark Terry. Here is your link  
Part 1,

Jovan Alexandre - Red Blues, 2015, Collective Conciousness.
Wes Montgomerry - Willow Weep For Me, 1965, Smokin In The Half Note.
Kama Ruby - Something Cool, 2015, Rock Dreams In Jazz.
Don Rendell - For Minors Only, 1993, What Am I Here For.
Rod McGaha - Black Flower, 2014, Black Flower Project.
Ryal Vilner Big Band - Straighten Up And Fly Right, 2015, Almost Sunrise.
Eyal Vilner Big Bamd - It Be Feeling Like The Blues, 2015, Almost Sunrise.
Richie Cole - Things We Did Last Summer, 1982, R Cole Meets A Pepper.
Part 2,

Clark Terry - Cruisin, 1957, Serenade To A Bus Seat.
David Friesen - Squeeze Me, 1994, Three To Get Ready.
The Pablo All-Stars - Cote D'Azure, 1977, Montreux 77.
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Three Deuces, 1958, Cookbook Vol 1.
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - The Rev, 1958, Cookbook Vol 2.
Eddie Davis/Johnny Griffin - Funky Fluke,1982, In Copppenhagen

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