Thursday, February 19, 2015

Now & Then 17,

Here is the play list for "Now & Then 17" a show to celebrate the birthdays of Ronie Scott 28/01/1927 and Tubby Hayes, 30/01/1935. Two men who together put British jazz on the world wide map. Please enjoy the music as I did all those years ago and the link is
Part 1, Ronnie Scott.
The Couriers Of Jazz - After Tea, 1958, The Couriers Of Jazz.
The Jazz Couriers - Some Of My Best Friends Are Blues, 1958, Some Of My Best Friends Are Blues.
Ronnie Scott & The Band - Macumba, 1969, Live At Ronnie Scotts.
Ronnie Scott - When Love Is New, 1990, Never Pat A Burning Dog.
The Pablo All Stars - Samba De Orfeu, 1977, Montreux 77.
Part 2, Tubby Hayes.
Tubby Hayes - Hall Hears The Blues, 1956, After Lights Out.
Tubby Hayes - Wonderful Wonderful, 1961, Tubbs.
Tubby Hayes Quintet - Blue Flues, 1963, A Tribute To Tubbs.
Tubby Hayes Big Band - 100% Proof, 1969, Blue Hayes

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