Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jazz A Love Affair, Stan Tracey Special

A tribute to the man that filled my life with music.
Here is your link thejazzrep.podomatic.com
Part 1,
Stan Tracey - Starless And Bible Black, 1965, Jazz Suite.
Jimmy Deuchar - Four X, 1956, Deuchar Plays Deuchar,
Stan Tracey - Little Klunk, 1959, Little Klunk.
Ben Webster - C-Jam Blues, 1969, Soho Nights Vol 2.
Stan Tracey Big Band - Kindle Leave The Stage, 1969, The Seven Ages Of Man.
Stan Tracey Orchestra - Feather Fin And Limb, 1989, Genesis.
Stan Tracey Trio - I Cover The Water Front, 2011, Soundcheck.

Part 2,
Stan Tracey Octet - Clinkscales, 1992, Portraits Plus.
Stan Tracey Trio - Perdido, 2006, For All We Know.
Stan Tracey Octet - Unison, 2010, The Amandla Suite, Later Works.
Stan Tracey Quartet - January's Child, 2009, Senior Moment.
Stan Tracey Quintet - Bouncing Bertha, 2013, The Flying Pig.

Stan Tracey - Under Milkwood, 1965, Jazz Suite.


  1. Fantastic Ray, now that's what I call a fitting tribute.

  2. Thanks Andy, there is a lot to work with and all of it good.

  3. But who do we get to this music?

  4. Thinktoomuch I presume that was a typo and you meant how to get the music. If so you can get it here

  5. Thank you. and yes that was a typo: who=how....

  6. Thanks Andy, Hi Thinktoomuch, sorry I was not quicker to answer and really hope you enjoy the show. I saw and listened to Stan every Saturday night at Ronnie Scotts, in the early sixties also saw how the top americans appreciated and responded to his playing.

  7. You are so lucky to have had those experiences and memories Ray, being born in 1960 I was just a tad too late to catch the really good stuff, but then again some people thought that of the 30's,40's and 50's