Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jazz A Love Affair 203.

This weeks show "Jazz A Love Affair 203" is a show of two halves, part 1, is mainly new and recent releases. There are two birthdays to celebrate, both on the same date, yes they were born on the same day, Sonny Rollins and Harry South. As Harry recorded nothing as leader, although his influence was wide and bright, I chose a Tubby Hayes track for him, which he wrote, arranged and play on. Harry worked with the best of British jazz legends, John Dankworth, Joe Harriott, Ronnie Scott, Ronnie Ross, Dick Morrissey, Annie Ross and his work with NYJO. Then part 2, my way of saying happy birthday from me and UKJR to the great Sonny Rollins, he gets the second hour to himself. Here is your link thejazzrep.podomatic.com

Part 1,
Joe Locke - Ain't No Sunshine, 2013, Lay Down My Heart.
Kenny Rittenhouse Septet - Seneca's Dance, 2013, New York Suite.
Kevin Fitzsimmons - It's Alright With Me, 2013, Show Me The Way.
Nick Finzer - Eventide, 2013, Exposition,
Kevin Figes Quartet - Scrap Board, 2012, Tables And Chairs.
Melissa James - I Get Along Without You Very Well, 2012, Day Dawns.
Tubby Hayes - Hall Hears The Blues, 1956, After Lights Out.

Part 2,
Happy Birthday to Sonny Rollins,  84 on the 7th September.
Sonny Rollins - Plane Jane, 1956, Volume One.
Sonny Rollins - Don't Stop The Carnival, 1978, Don't Stop The Carnival.
Sonny Rollins - Delia, 1993, Old Flame.
Sonny Rollins - Park Palace Parade, 2006, Sonny Please.

Sonny Rollins - They Say Its Wonderful, 2011, Road Show Vol 2.

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