Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jazz A Love Affair 198.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 198" The first track is fabulous, from the new Stan Tracey Quintet album "The Flying Pig" how does he keep doing it and no drop in quality. A lot of fine jazz in the first part and part 2, is all Peter King to wish him a happy and healthy 73rd birthday. Here is your link thejazzrep.podomatic.com

part 1,
Stan Tracey Quintet - Silent Percy, 2013, The Flying Pig.
Mark Murphy - I Wish You Love, 1995, Song For The Geese.
Kevin Dean Quartet - Famous Last Words, 2011, A Message From The Dean.
Chris Madsen - Money Rollins, 2012, Pop Art.
Clark Sisters - St Louis Blues, 1959, Swing Again.
Art Pepper & Zoot Sims - Wee, 1981, Art And Zoot.
Oscar Brown Jr - Somebody Buy Me A Drink. 1960, Sin and Soul.
Oscar Brown Jr - Afro Blue, 1960, Sin and Soul.
Gilad Atzmon + The Orient Houde Ensemble - Singing In The Rain, 2001, Nostalgico.

Part 2,
For Peter King on his birthday.
Peter King + Philippe Briand Trio - Hi Fly, 1984, Hi Fly.
Peter King Quintet - Mr Silver, 1996, Speed Trap.
Peter King Quartet - Joshua, 2003, Footprints.

Peter King/Alan Skidmore - Blues Minor, 2013, Forever Elvin.

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  1. Smashing Ray, The Flying Pig is a decent effort,thanks.