Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jazz A Love Affair 191

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 191" Part 1,just good jazz and mainly recent releases, part 2, is devoted to one of the UKs best known international sax players Andy Sheppard, I am a big fan. Here is your link thejazzrep.podomatic.com
Part 1, Alex Garnett - Saluda Hakim, 2011, Serpent. Esa Helasvuo - Satumaa, 2013, Stella Nova. Janice Borla - Ill Take Les, 2006, From Every Angle. Basie & Peterson - Blues For Pamela, 1978, Night Rider. Pekka Pylkkanen Tube Factory - Rhythm Powder, 2010, Listen. Antonio Figura/Cleveland Watkiss - Boabab, 2013, Space Between. Brad Goode - What Happens In Space City, 2013, Chicago Red. Part 2, Andy Sheppard - Soft On The Inside, 1990, Soft On The Inside. Barbara Dennerlein - Wow, 1990, Hot Stuff. Andy Sheppard - Learning To Wave, 1998, Learning To Wave, Shez Raja - Infatuation, 2010, Mystic Radikal. Andy Sheppard - Sofa Safari, 1993, Rhythm Method

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  1. Excellent choice of artists once again Ray, I really like Andy Sheppard. Basie and OP had a pretty good sound together, I like the Time Keepers but all good albums.