Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 152.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 152" I have started a new feature, the first track of the second half of the show will be a track by Ian Shaw and when that ends I can expand it to other singers. The show like last week is mainly new releases, I am getting better response from the record labels, so more new releases.
Part 1 Jaroslav Jakubovic - Ladino Dessert, 2009, Coincidence. Jeff Hamilton Trio - In An Ellingtone, 2012, Red Sparkle. Jacam Manricks - Take The Five Train. Melissa James - Don't You Keep Yourself Down, 2012, Day Dawns. Curtis Fuller - Nu-Groove, 2012, Down Home. Graham Dechter - Bee Deedle Dee Do, 2012, Takin' It There. Part 2, Ian Shaw - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, 1992, Ghostsongs. Gary Smulyan - Smul's Paradise, 2012, Smul's Paradise. Enrico Rava - Blood On The Dance Floor, 2012, Rava On The Dance Floor. Sonny Rollins - I Can't Get Started, 2011, Road Trip Vol 2. Maria Muldaur - Black Coffee, 2003, A Woman Alone With The Blues. Ralph Bowen - Exosphere, 2012, Total Eclipse. Cheers Ray

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