Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 139.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 139" You will notice there is three in a row from Barbara Dennerlein, some new recordings, mainly European and some in the 90's but all good jazz. Link thejazzrep.podomatic.com
Part 1, Adrian Cunningham - Dancing Into The Sun, 2011, Walkabout. Paesani/Dalpozzo/Mazzucco Trio - Night Dreamer, 2011, Waynes Playground. John Coltrane/Johnny Hartman - Dedicated To You, 1963, John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman. Three in a row from Barbara Dennerlein, Barbara Dennerlein - Forever And Never, 1992, That's Me. Barbara Dennerlein - Wow, 1990, Hot Stuff. Barbara Dennerlein - Take Off, 1995, Take Off. Hiromi Kanda - All Of Me, 2011, Days Of Yesterday. Part 2, Rickey Woodard - September In The Rain, 1994, Yazoo. Carlo Mezzanotte Jazz Quartet - Corrientes, 2011, Jazz Tales. Gust Spenos Quartet - Dishwasher, 2009, Swingin High. Andy Bey - Speak Low, 2004, American Song. Jacques Pellarin Quartet - Sup Dude, 2011, Sup Dude. Johnny Griffin/Lockjaw Davis - Hey Lock, 1982, In Copenhagen.


  1. Ray,there is no bad Jazz and if there was you certainly wouldn't play it.Another excellent show and I love Barbara Dennerlein.

  2. Barbara Dennerlein es la mejor "Hammond organist" de todos los tiempos. Sus pies son manos, sus manos alas. Por si fuera poco, es una mujer muy elegante y de una gran belleza.

    Un afectuoso saludo

  3. Estoy de acuerdo con Carlos, cómo se juega un bajo fantástico y todavía juega el teclado tan maravillosamente bien, es increíble. Gracias por su atención.
    Saludos Ray.

  4. Thanks Andy,
    Every one seems to love Barbara, she is a genius. (In a whisper), I have heard bad jazz but you are right I would not play or listen to it. We are after all Wise Jazzheads.
    Cheers Ray.

  5. Excellent show, as always. :)