Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 117.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 117" its all over the place as far as dates are concerned, there is three in a row from Oscar Brown Jnr but they are short tracks. Here is the link
Part 1,
Kevin Dean Quartet - Famous Last Words, 2011, A Message From The Dean.
Monte Croft - A Higher Fire, 1989, Jubilation.
Mark Murphy - All Of You, 2000, The Latin Porter.
Geoff Eales & Isorhythm - When The Spirit Soars, 2011, Shifting Sands.
Art Farmer Quartet - One For Majid, 1966, Sing Me Softly Of The Blues.
Teddy Charles - The Emperor, 1956, Teddy Charles Tentet.
Part 2,
Three in a row from Oscar Brown Jnr.
Oscar Brown Jnr - Worksong, 1960, Sin & Soul.
Oscar Brown Jnr - Dat Dere, 1960, Sin & Soul.
Oscar Brown Jnr - Mr Kicks, 1960, Sin & Soul.
Joe Henderson - Johnny Come Lately, 1992, Lush Life.
Michel Petrucciani - Brazilian Suite, 1988, Michel Plays Petrucciani.
Terell Stafford - Old Devil Moon, 1997, Centripetal Force.
Bobby Hutcherson - Ummh, 1970, San Francisco.
Harry Connick Jnr - You Go To My Head, 1989, Jubilation.
Neal Maya Quartet - LaFiesta, 2009, Bread & Circuses.

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