Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jazz A Love Affair 116.

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love A Love Affair 116" subtitled 2011 Take 2, the second show in which we play some of the 2011 releases also the last track is to mark the sad passing of Sam Rivers at 83. Heres the link
Part 1,
Le Boeuf Brothers - Circles, 2011, In Praise Of Shadows.
Westchester Jazz Orchestra - Little One, 2011, Maiden Voyage Suite.
Arne Huber Quartet - Lantana, 2011, Jordan.
Franck Griffiths Big Band/Tina May - Travelin Light, 2011, Holland Park Non Stop.
Mike Cottone - Dear John, 2011, Just Remember.
Bob Sheppard - Brain Fog, 2011, Close Your Eyes.
Jeremy Pelt - David And Goliath, 2011, The Talented Mr Pelt.
Part 2,
The Nice Guy Trio - Caught In Thought, 2011, Walking Music.
Mike Melito - New Bossa, 2011, The Right Time.
Wadada Leo Smiths Mbira - Zulu Water Festival, 2011, Dark Lady Sonnets.
The Will Collier Septet - Entitled, 2011, Those Who Wait.
Claus Raible & The Bop-chestra - Miss Hap, 2011, Dedicated To The Ladies.
Sam Rivers All Star Orchestra - Ripples, 1999, Culmination.

Cheers Ray

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