Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JazzA Love Affair 102

Here is the play list for "Jazz A Love Affair 102" , part 2, is a David Murray special. He gets an hour to himself. Apart from that just great jazz and here is your link
Part 1,
Michael Petrucciani - Miles Davis Licks,1991/1994, Live.
Jimmy McGriff - The Great Unknown, 2002, McGriff Avenue.
Carla Cook - September Song, 1999, Its All About Love.
Dimitri Vassilakis - James, 2005, Parallel Lines.
Janusz Carmello - Lover Man, 1989, Portrait.
Joe Coughlin - Things Turn Out That Way, 2007, Things Turn Out That Way.
Monk And Coltrane - Sweet And Lovely, 1957, At Carnegie Hall.
Part 2,
David Murray Special.
David Murray - Red Car, 1989, I Want To Talk About You.
David Murray/David Burrell - It Hurts So Much To See, 1993, Windwood Passage.
David Murray Quartet - St Thomas, 1994, Saxmen.
J J Jackson/David Murray - Peace Song, 1995, Peace Song.
David Murray + Gwo-Ka-Masters - Ouagadougou, 2004, Gwotet.
Cheers Ray

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