Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jazz A Love Affair 100, The Party.

We are having a party, it is my 100th show for UK Jazz Radio. It is being held in the singing room of The Limping Whippet. This is a fantasy show and the Limping Whippet is the ideal venue as it is one of those places where alive or dead you can still make music. I will be hosting and presenting the show which will last for a week. I have sent out invitations to lots of musicians and to be in the audience, turn up buy me a drink and your in, alternatively tune into UK Jazz Radio, bring your own bottle and share an evening with a lot of good jazz. Some of the people who have accepted the invitation are Carla Bley, Dr John, Sonny Rollins, Liane Carroll, Oliver Nelson, Dylan Cramer, Tony Kofi and Barbara Dennerlein but there will lots more.
See you there Ray.
The link is http://thejazzrep.podomatic.com/


  1. That's a pretty impressive guest list Ray. I am afraid I will have to give my apologies as the Ferrari is under repair and I lent my private jet to Justin Beiber,lol.
    Have fun and well done,looking forward to the next 100 shows.

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