Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jazz A Love Affair 84.

Here is the play list for Jazz A Love Affair 84. The Link This show has a three in a row from David Fathead Newman.
Part 1,
Altered Laws - One O-Clock Slump, 2007, Metaphora.
Wynton Marsalis - These are Those Soulful Days, 2007, From The Plantation To The Penitentiary.
Pete Churchill Trio - I Keep Going Back To Joe's, 2004, The Bad And The Beautiful.
Guy Barker - And All Of That, 1996, Timeswing,
John Funkhouser Trio - Green Dolphin St, 2010, Time.
Ralph Peterson Quintet - Trials Of Trust And Treachery, 2001, Subliminal Seduction.
Part 2,
Three in a row from David Fathead Newman.
David Newman - Fathead, 1958, Fathead.
David Newman - Old Devil Moon, 1989, Fire.
David Newman - Flankin, 2006, Cityscape.
Mark Murphy - Angel Eyes, 2007, Love Is What Stays.
Stan Tracey Octet - Sweet Lips, 2010, Later Works.
Kairos4tet - Maybe Next Year, 2011, Statement Of Intent.
Tom Harrell - Roman Nights, 2010, Roman Nights.

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