Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jazz A Love Affair 63.

Here is Jazz A Love affair 63 play list, & the link
Part 1,
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messingers - A Little Busy, 1961, The Witch Doctor.
Junior Mance Trio - Blue Mance, 1995, Blue Mance.
Masahiro Yoshida - Bags Groove, 2001, Jazz Brothers.
Rufus Read Quintet - Celebration, 2007, Live At The Kennedy Center.
Zoe Gilby - In The Heat Of The Night, 2007, Now that I Am Real.
The Jazz Couriers, 1958/2007, Some Of My Best friends Are Blues.
Part 2,
Kunihiko Sugano Trio - Love Is A Very Splendored Thing, 1974, Love Is A Very Splendored Thing.
as it is spelt on the vinyl.
Three In A Row From The Vinyl Vaults.
Art Pepper - Lover Come Back, 1978, Today.
Art Pepper - True Blues, 1980, Landscape.
Art Pepper/George Cables - The way You Look Tonight, 1983, Tete-A-Tete.
Joe Coughlin - Detour Ahead, 2007, Things Turn Out That Way.
George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet - Diane, 1985, Live At The Village Vanguard.
Cheers Ray.


  1. Nice one Ray.Is that a young Tubby Hayes?

  2. Thanks Andy,
    I thought you would like this photo, yes that's the dynamic duo, Ronnie and Tubby as I use to see them every saturday night in the early sixties.
    Cheers Ray.