Monday, August 2, 2010

Jazz A Love Affair 40,

We have tributes to Cannonball Adderley by various musicians, some new releases and some solid jazz tracks, in all nearly two hours of great jazz. the link is

and the play blist is,

Part 1,
Fabien Mary - Sweet And Lovely, Sep 2010, Quartet+One.
Chris Steward - Work Song, 2005, Phoenix.
Antonio Hart - Cannonball, 1993, For Cannonball And Woody.
Louis Hayes Cannonball Legacy Band - Sack Of Woe, 2006, Maximum Firepower.
Nils Landgren Blue Funk - Walk Tall, 1996, Paint It Blue.
Nat Adderley Quintet - Autumn Leaves, 1990, We Remember Cannon.
Part 2,
Queen Latifah - Mercy Mercy Mercy, 2004, Dana Owens.
Alfredo Rodriguez - Cu-Bop, 2010, Sound Of Space.
Juhdni Aaltonen Quartet - Shimmer Of Fallen Stars, 2010, Conclusions.
Paul Towndrow - Crook Sludge, 2007, Six By Six.
The Tipton's Sax Quartet - The Shop Of Wild Dreams, 2008, Laws Of Motion.
Phil Ranelin - Freddies Groove, 2004, Inspiration.
Lester Bowies New York Organ Ensemble - Funky-T, 1991, Funky-T Cool-T.
Cheers Ray

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