Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jazz A Love affair 35, two hours of solid jazz.

Here is a new show for you, alot of good jazz. Here is the link

A good mix of tracks, some new artists, some established. Also a good mix of styles.
Part 1,
Rufus Read Quintet - Meddler, 2007, Live At The Kennedy Center.
Tommy Smith - Peeping Tom, 1990, Peeping Tom.
L.J.C. - Shadows Silence And Dreams, 2007, Dark Humour.
Alex Garcia's Afromantra - For Emiliano Salvador, 2006. Uplifting Spirit.
Renie Marie - Dixie/Strange Fruit, 2001, Vertigo.
Billy Bang - Dance Of The Manakin, 2010, Prayer For Peace.
Part 2.
Lorez Alexandria - Baltimore Oriole, 1957, This Is Lorez.
Lorez Alexandria - Jumping With Symphony Sid, 1957, Lorez Sings Pres.
Reptet - Eve Of Thrieve, 2008, Chicken Or Beef.
Billy Cobham - The Song Is You, 2002, Art Of Four.
L.J.C. - Bouncy Bouncy, 2007, Dark Humour.
Ian Shaw - Have You Met Miss Jones, 1995, Taking It To Hart.
Toshiko Akiyoshi + SWR Big Band - Drum Conference, 2008, Let Freedom Swing.
I hope you enjoy the music.
The Rep.


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