Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jazz A Love Affair 30.

This is just vinyl, the whole vinyl and nothing but vinyl, amen. What is the collective noun for vinyl, a rack, a pile, a vastness, a shelf, probably a collection. I have a collection of about 1800, not many compared to some on UK Jazz Radio, anyway I have sorted through and chosen some tracks that I thought might interest you. So the whole two hours will be from my vinyl collection and here is the link and this is what I have chosen for you. Some have not made it to CD.
Part 1,
Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Rumpelstiltskin, 1969, In Person.
Clifford Jordan - Senior Blues, 1970, Soul Fountain.
Lee Konitz - Blues For Bird, 1965, Memorial Concert.*****
Lee Konitz Nonet - Without A Song, 1979, Live At Laren.
Illinois Jacquette - Bonita, 1963, Flies Again.
Paul Quinichette - Jive At Five, 1957, For Basie.
Part 2,
Harold Land - Dark Mood, 1981, Xocia's Dance.
Art Pepper - Blues For The Fisherman, 1980, The Milcho Leviev Quartet.
Lanny Morgan - Friends Again, 1981, Its About Time.
Tubby Hayes - Hall Hears The Blues, 1956, After Lights Out.
George Young - Chant, 1985, Chant.
Hope you enjoy the vinyl music.
The Rep.

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