Friday, February 5, 2010

Andy's Jazz Show #3

A little bit of confusion this week as Show 5 turned up instead of Show 3! Not sure how that happened but still a great show this week full of Blue Note Jazz.A good spread of jazz from the 60's,70's and 80's. The most recent tracks being the opening pair from Kevin Hays and Bill Stewart.I really like the 3rd track from Duke Pearson,the first 3 tracks are all from tape.There's a nice pair of tracks off vinyl from The Jazz Crusaders that I picked up recently.The final 3 tracks are all from my cd collection Donald Byrd from the Kofi cd,Grant Green from Live at the Lighthouse and Stanley Turrentine from Return of the Prodigal Son,All 3 cd's are widely available and highly recommended.I hope you like a taste of the legendary Blue Note label.


Seventh Sense - Kevin Hays
Fred and Ginger - Bill Stewart
Make it good - Duke Pearson
Reflections/Congolese sermon - The Jazz Crusaders
Fufu - Donald Byrd
A walk in the night - Grant Green
Dr Feelgood - Stanley Turrentine

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