Saturday, November 7, 2009

The great white (vinyl) hunter returns!

Fresh is not the term I would use but after enduring 30hrs of travel,I must confess to feeling better than I thought I would.I picked up vinyl in 3 locations and owing to weight restrictions had to post the albums home.The first batch made it home before me and will provide the material for my first show.So a plug for a very good record (and cd) store,Crazy Beat Records in Upminster,Essex.If you are in the Essex/East London area,this store is well worth a visit,only 5 mins walk from Upminster Station.I picked up a great compilation album Latin Spectrum,some wicked tunes on this one.Also a great double album on Soul Brother Records from Eddie Henderson,Retrospective.All the smokin' jazz funk/fusion numbers we love on a new pressing! The 3rd album on this little expedition is a real gem,a compilation from Solid State Records in great condition.Tracks from Johnny Lytle,Jimmy McGriff,King Pleasure and more.So a great mixed show coming up featuring jazz/funk classics,some hot latin and classic jazz.What more could a jazzhead want? Look out for the link very soon.

Cheers Andy

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    you did it again!