Monday, September 7, 2009

For Those That Hear The Music.

There are two types of people according to Trevor Chaplin, a charater in a book by Alan Plater, those that hear the music and those who don't. To hear the music you have to listen. This quality is found in most jazz fans. I have been listening to the music, jazz I meen, for more than fifty years. I have found it has inhanced my life considerably. Around the age of sixteen I started going to jazz clubs in and around London where I lived. Clubs like Ronnie Scotts (the old place in Gerrard St), the Marquee and The Bulls Head at Barnes. I have seen many great jazz players that we think of as jazz legends now, I have heard them when they were work in progress. This is still happening today. Go out and listen to our jazz musicians, experience the music live, let it wrap itself around your heart and have an affair that will last a lifetime.
The Jazz Rep.


  1. Hi Andy!...the ''Head'' 1!

    with absolutely jazzy friendship!